Why Play Area Bark?

We think play area bark chippings are a great product – here\‘s why!

  • Play area bark is a natural product, created from high quality European pine bark. All of our bark is sustainably and responsibly sourced.
  • Play area bark is an environmentally friendly product which can be composted or used as mulch around the garden at the end of its life.
  • Our products are sourced in bulk so our prices are always competitive.
  • Our bark chippings come from suppliers who test the product against the following British standards:
    1. BS EN 1176 – Loose impact absorbing surface (LIAS)
    2. BS 4790:1987 – High resistance to ignition
  • Play area bark chippings have a loose feel, helping to deter animals from fouling in the area.
  • Play area bark is an easy material to both install and maintain.
  • It presents a clean, safe area for children to play on.
  • Play area bark is more resistant to vandalism than alternative rubber areas.
  • For the days with no children about, play area bark is an attractive, natural surface.