Where Does Play Bark Come From?

Bark, in its most basic form, is the outermost layer of trees and woody shrubs. It has a wide variety of uses, depending on which plant it is taken from. The bark that we\‘re concerned with at Play Area Bark is the type used in gardens, and in particular play bark. This type of bark is a by-product of the timber industry, taken off cut trees as a waste product. This waste product is what is used to make landscaping bark, or woodmulch.

By its nature, bark and other waste products from the timber industry are a great selection for any garden. They\‘re natural, biodegradable, and look wonderful in any garden. It\‘s also soft underfoot, which is why it is used for play areas. However, without any treatment the bark is also deeply unsuitable for a play area; the bark will be liable to splinter, and will decompose within a few years. Play bark is created by taking all of the natural advantages of bark and also making them suitable for use in a play area. The bark is treated to make sure that it is rounded, and will last for a longer period of time. The bark is also treated to make sure that it is inflammable, taking away another potential danger for a play area.

The bark is then shipped out and bagged into sturdy, waterproof bags so that it is ready to be sent out to anyone looking to purchase play bark. Finally, Play Area Bark sends the bark to its customers who can start to create the play area that\‘s right for them and the children they care for.

If you have any further questions or would like to place an order, please feel free to \contact us\.